Another 6 mysteries of washing machines revealed by an expert 

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Doing laundry feels like such an adult chore. Things were so much easier when my mom did the laundry. Now I have to understand all the rules and push the right buttons at the right time.

None of my apprehension comes close to how daunting I find the washing machine. It always felt like this big clunky machine that would make loud noises and vibrate a lot. Sadly, one can’t be free of responsibilities forever.

Learning how to use the washing machine was an interesting experience for me. It was mainly me trying to understand why certain myths exist and how to work around the false ones. Now since I have learned all or most of everything there is to wash I’m ready to spread my knowledge. What me, vain? Impossible!

Let’s get into 6 common myths regarding washers

Myth #1 You don't need to clean washing machines

 It’s literally in its name, it’s a washing machine! Before I had really got into washing machine maintenance I always thought when the washer washed the clothes it washed itself too. I was naive.

Washers need to be cleaned as well. Turns out any gunk, lint or even detergent ends up coating the washer bucket and can end up getting lodged into the moving parts. Not only that, inlet and outlet pipes can end up cracking and leaking as time goes on. This is detrimental to the washer and leads to water loss.

Things like coins and little trinkets left in our pockets can get stuck in the machinery as well and this can cause serious damage to the washer.

Regular maintenance can greatly affect the functioning of your washer. It also helps in prolonging the washer’s life! Mobile Appliance Repairs provides skilled and professional services to help you maintain your appliances!

Myth #2 Undergarments need to be hand-washed

Undergarments, especially bras, cost a lot of money. Understandably, wearers would want to make the most out of their purchase. Not to mention, bras look delicate too. Gently hand washing them makes sense.

But just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean it’s logical. Hand-washing is a very time-consuming process. It’s even more tedious if you’re one of those people who do all their laundry together on the weekends. You might also end up using too little or too much detergent than necessary, which is always bad.

Good news! You don’t have to hand-wash your undergarments. Just get a mesh garment bag and place your undergarments in it to wash. The bag will ensure that nothing else gets snagged on them or creates unneeded friction.

Zip up the bag and toss it in the washer in cold water and gentle detergent. Your undergarments will stay perfect for a long time.

Myth #3 More detergent means better cleaning

I blame childhood cartoons for this. Someone would throw a whole box of detergent in the washer and voila the clothes would be washed in a jiffy. Turns out the world doesn’t work like childhood cartoons and I need to stop recreating my childhood and just grow up! These were some pretty intense realizations for laundry day.

More detergent doesn’t mean the clothes get washed of all dirt and grime. It just means there’s an excessive amount of detergent that ends up leaving a residue on the clothes and the washer as well.

The residue on clothes can be itchy when you wear them and will end up requiring another round in the washer to rid them of excessive detergent. It also leaves an odor on the clothes. Several laundry bottles also have instructions on how much detergent to use depending on the load.

Residue on the washer can end up clogging ducts and moving parts. This can affect the functioning of the washer and rack up the bills.

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Myth #4 Separating the colors from the whites it enough

While it makes sense, it’s not entirely true. Separating clothes into a pile of colored and non-colored is a great place to start. You’ll probably need to separate them into another pile depending on fabric type.

Sometimes colors can bleed onto lighter colored or white clothes. But did you know heavier fabrics can also damage the delicate ones? Denim, for example, is a sturdier fabric. It can damage fabrics like silk by creating more friction than the silk can handle.

If you’re unsure about pairing or separating certain clothes, always check the label! The label will tell you all you need to know regarding fabric care. You might even find out which clothes don’t belong in the washer at all!

Myth #5 Save money by stuffing the washing machine

All the broke college students will roll their eyes at this one. Trust me on this, the washer doesn’t need to be bursting at the brims

Washing machines come with defined loads they can handle, in volumes and kilograms. An overloaded washer will require more force and energy from the washer’s motor. This can lead to early wearing out of the motor.

A full washer also leaves little to no space for the clothes to spin around in, leading to incompletely washed clothes.

Myth #6 Hot water means clean clothes

This is not necessarily true. While hot water is used to sterilize infected clothes, regular laundry doesn’t need intense wash cycles.

If you’re someone who works as a healthcare provider and comes in contact with sick people, then hot water can work for you. Instead, hot water ends up causing shrinkage.

Hot water caused the fabric to soak up extra moisture. When the clothes are subjected to the dryer they end up shrinking more than normal. This will leave you with smaller clothes and no one wants that.

Warm water on the other hand can help in washing out stains and sweat. Luckily, detergents are so effective that you won’t even need hot or even warm water to clean your clothes.

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6 myths, busted! You don’t have to worry over trivial things like how much detergent to use anymore. Laundry day has never been easier!

Remember if you are having any issues with your dryer, spare yourself the effort and risk, and call a skilled dryer repair technician today!