Everything You Need to Know About how to Get a Dent Out of the Washing Machine

Get A Dent Out Of The Washing Machine

Picture this, you just got a brand new washing machine for your home. It matches perfectly with your dryer and elevates the aesthetic of your house. But one day you accidentally end up banging the mop into the washer and now it has an ugly dent on its body! Now you’re wondering how can I get a dent out of the washing machine or who to call for washing machine repair?

The above scenario is pretty plausible and the culprit isn’t always the mop, it could be any other household item or simply you bumping into the washer. Not only does a dent ruin the look of the washer, but it also ruins a homeowner’s mood.

All that saving up and scouring the electronics shop for the best washing machine and now this! A dent in the washing machine also decreases its resale price if you plan on selling it later on.

How Does One Get a dent out of the washing machine?

There are lots of DIY tips you can use to get that dent out of your washing machine, but it’s always best to consult washing machine repair professionals like the ones over at Mobile Appliance Repair. We’ll tell you all the nifty tips you need in your arsenal to fix any ugly dents in your washer in no time!

1. Clean Out Your Workstation

First things first, you need some space to easily pop a dent. Move your washer away from the wall and into the middle of the room. The washing machine’s casing is the cheapest part of the appliance even if you have an expensive branded washer. Additionally, a dent doesn’t affect the washer’s performance at all.

The casing is made from galvanised steel, you’ll have to remove the casing by unscrewing the ⅔ screws from the back. Now you can easily slide the casing towards the rear end of the machine and pull it upwards.

Once you have the dented casing in your hands and away from the actual machinery, it’s time to get to work!

2. Use A Plunger

It sounds wild I know, but nothing gives a good grip with suction the way a plunger does. The plunger comes in pretty handy whenever you want to fix dents on aluminium. Get a small, slightly damp plunger and place it over the dent while pushing down. Once there’s sufficient suction between the plunger and the dented casing, pull on the dent to flatten it.

You won’t need to apply brute force, a gentle traction works just as well. For larger dents, use a bigger plunger. Although this may seem easy, it’s better to call the repair company.

3. Temperature Changes

The casing of washing machines is made from metals. If you think back to chemistry class back in 8th grade you’ll remember how metals expand when heated and contract when chilled. We’ll be experimenting with that on the dent!

First, you’ll need to heat the dent. Use a blow dryer and blow hot air over the dent till it’s hot to touch. Now get an ice bag and place it over the heated dent. Make sure the ice is super cold or this trick won’t work. You might have to repeat these steps a couple more times till the casing is malleable. Now you can easily pop out the dent and it will look brand new!

Remember to wear gloves when handling hot or cold materials. With safety hazards like burns, it’s best to call the washing machine repair company.

4. Hammer It

We’ve mentioned how brute force is unnecessary when removing dents but you can use a flat-ended hammer to bang it out. Open up your toolbox and pull out the smallest flat-ended hammer and start with any smaller dents.

This method doesn’t always work and may end up damaging the casing even more. If you value the look of your washing machine then call the washing machine repair company to deal with that dent for you.

5. Touch-Up Paint

Once the dent is out and the casing is nice and flat, you might notice some scratches. The scratches are inevitable considering the amount of work put into removing a dent. But that’s no big deal, you can easily fix that with touch-up paint.

You can get touch paint from your local hardware or repair shop. Remember to get the same shade as your appliance and apply in little amounts over the scratches. Once the paint dries, you won’t be able to tell if the washer was dented or scratched in the first place!

Get a Dent Out of the Washing Machine

Washing machine repair companies like Mobile Appliance Repair take great care of your appliance when fixing any dents. You won’t have to worry about scratches with washing machine repair businesses!

Ultimately a dent is only superficial damage and the machine will still function. A more serious problem might be when the machine looes its ability to spin or drain. Luckily we have an excellent guide on that very issue right here. 

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